Hello there! So, here is a little bit more about me….

Ever since childhood I have spent my time being creative – drawing, painting and creating textile pieces for my family, friends, myself and my home. For me, being creative makes me feel full of life, and I love expressing myself in this way whether it be creating a card, a painting, or making a new outfit to wear.

Many of my skills have been acquired through formal training over the years (HNC Textiles, Ba (Hons) Fine Art, The Writer’s Bureau’s ‘Writing for Children’ course and various short courses). I find it exciting to learn more, to refine and perfect, and am currently pursuing my lifelong dream of combining words and pictures, and have recently finished my Master’s in Children’s Illustration. It has been an enthralling and exciting journey so far – filled with high’s and much introspective searching, and of course, hours of drawing!

My Ma was very interesting, and not only did I gain a huge number of skills to enable me to follow my dream of becoming an illustrator, but it also reawakened the artist in me – and my desire to create larger, gallery orientated pieces again. Now I can look forward to so many exciting opportunities, including exhibitions, fabric design, illustration commissions and publishing my own books.

Exciting times ahead…….

To see more of my work please visit my website or my Instagram page

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