Our Final show in London, and Kickstarter Campaign

Its getting nearer the end of our Masters now (I daren’t count the weeks to hand in, but inspiration has found me, so I am very excited indeed), and after the Hand in in January we have a show in London at the wonderful Candid Gallery (the downstairs gallery and is accessible, but please check with venue if you have any particular needs). The dates are Tuesday 9th Feb to Saturday 13th Feb 2016.

We are now starting to  raise money for the catalogue, and to help with the show, so a Kickstarter campaign has just been launched. The full-timers have been working very hard and produced this wonderful video showing the products you can get in return for supporting us and the campaign. Please visit and pledge – there are some amazing products on there:

My little bird features on it….. can you spot her?

Timid bird
Timid bird

Paris in Autumn

Two years ago I was lucky enough to go to Paris for a very special birthday. I had just started the Masters, and was rediscovering sketching. Now, with the fine tuning learnt from my many hours of drawing, and inspired by Beatrice Alemanga’s A Lion in Paris  I took the time to open the sketchbook filled with memories and revisit the very sketchy sketches. All were done in greyscale so as to focus on the image making, although at some point I do intend to use these sketches to create ones flooded with colour.

1 interior
2 Nearing the Tower
Nearing the Tower
3 Ever nearer
Ever Nearer

Looking Up to Look Down

Happiness is a Balloon
Up the Steps

And now for other unfinished sketches…….other sketchbook pages 5 hands are full